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Release of

Students from

*No student checkout after 2:30.
*If a student is signed out without an excuse note he or she is missing part of the school day.

When a student arrives after 7:45 AM or leaves before 2:50 PM, he/she must be signed in and/or out through the Office. Failure to do so will result in a

truancy designation for any class missed. No student will be allowed to leave with any person not named on the

student registration card, unless prior written permission by a parent or guardian has been received. Identification may

be required.  Any student being picked up prior to regular dismissal time, 2:50 PM, by someone other than a legal guardian, will need a note from

a legal guardian regardless if they are on file to pick up.

The District is committed to the protection of students entrusted to its custody during the school day. Therefore,

campus administrators shall exercise caution in releasing students during the school day. The procedures controlling

the release of a student from school are as follows:

1. Definite and satisfactory identification (i.e. drivers license or picture ID) shall be required of the person

authorized to talk with a student or to take a student from school. The following persons will be allowed access to

a student: a) the students parents/guardians, unless restricted by court order; b) a person who has written

authorization from the students parent/guardian; or c) a person who is authorized by a legal order to have access

to, or to take possession of, a student.

2. A teacher shall not allow a student to leave school without securing the permission of the principal or

administrative designee.

3. A telephone call from a person representing himself/herself as a parent shall be verified by a principal or designee.

The parent shall be notified any time a request for the release of a student is denied by the principal.

4. When checking a student out of school, a parent or guardian must report to the attendance office or front office.

5. High school students who have a car on campus must obtain an early dismissal pass to leave campus during the

school day by presenting a signed and dated note from the parent. These students shall check out through the

appropriate office before leaving the campus.

Parents requesting that a student be allowed to leave the campus for medical or family matters must make a request,

in writing or by personal contact. The principal or principals designee will verify the request.

Students who leave campus at any time without parental permission and administrative approval shall be considered

truant and will be subject to disciplinary action.