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Stephanie Espinosa, Ed.D. 
Lakeview Elementary 
Northwest ISD


I am so excited to return to Lakeview Elementary and serve the students in our community. We are so proud of our students at Lakeview. As you walk the halls of our building you will see the impressive and deep thinking that our students do everyday! We will encourage fun, focus, and fundamentals in our classrooms while creating a cohesive environment. Please feel free to contact me if I can help with anything. I welcome your input and help. A school needs a whole community to work together to be successful and our parents are extremely important in that process! Our goal is success for all students. We strive for all of our students to make more than a years growth academically and socially each year!

Our goal is for our students to be problem solvers, critical thinkers and to work collaboratively in a community. We believe that every student is the responsibility of each and every staff member at Lakeview. Each teacher works within their team as well as the entire campus to ensure best practices for students. The teachers, students and I appreciate all the support you give us. I encourage you to join PTA and get involved in the many wonderful activities that PTA and the school provide. 

Thank you!