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Sponsors:  Jacqueline DeLong
 Meetings every Tuesday 4-5:30pm

 Room 718
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What is TARC?
The Team America Rocketry Challenge is an engineering contest where students in the United States, grades 7-12, design, build and fly model rockets carrying a payload to a specific height and elapsed time for the flight.  Up to 1,000 teams will compete this year, and the teams with the top 100 scores will be invited to the national finals competition which will be held in Manassas, Virginia (metropolitan Washington DC) in May.

There, the teams compete for over $60,000 in prize money, plus scholarships and, for the grand prize winner, a trip to the Paris Air Show in June of 2013. 
At the Paris Air Show in June, 2011, the TARC team from Rockwall-Heath High School (just east of Dallas) won the tri-national competition between the top high school rocket teams from France, the United Kingdom, and the U.S.A. Congrats!

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Jacqueline DeLong
Northwest High School
Room 718

The Awards Ceremony at the TARC Finals in May, 2007
Picture yourself at the TARC Finals in Manassas, Virginia this May,
along with a thousand middle and high school students!