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Ronald D. Gatlin, MEd. 
817-698-5747 (Classroom) 

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Netschool/ Moodle
Please be aware that several teachers are using this netschool page. 
While we all move at different rates, the calendar on netschool page may not reflect due dates.
I have written due dates on graded assignments on my board in my classroom. 
Also you can Click the Calendar icon.

 Please take a moment to sign up for text message reminders.

Mon- Wed 8:00-8:30 AM 
or by Appointment.


My Daily Schedule 
1st Period- Biology
2nd Period- PAP Biology
3rd Period- PAP Biology
4th Period- Lunch
5th Period- PAP Biology
6th Period- PAP Biology
7th Period- Plan
8th Period- PAP Biology


Tablet Usage: 
Students will be expected to bring their Tablet, charged and functional, to class everyday. We will be using the Tablets for a myriad of activities including tests, quizzes, daily work, mapping practice, research and written assignments. The Tablets are an integral part of our lesson each day and inappropriate usage will result in a grade of zero.  It will be very beneficial for the students to use a mouse with their tablet.