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Audition Registration is Now Open for "Aladdin"!
Parents must register their children to audition before Monday, February 1st.
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February 1st: 1st - 2nd Grade Students
February 3rd: 3-5th Grade Students  

Audition Information 


The "Aladdin" Audition will consist of a phrase from a  "Aladdin" song and a short dance that will be taught during the audition. The students will audition in small groups.

Students can prepare for the audition by practicing to project (sing out) and sing confidently familiar songs. Students can practice dances or movement activities similar to those provided on www.gonoodle.com. Parents and or students can sign-up for this site for free. We use the "Guided Dancing" section for warm-ups before choir rehearsals at Beck. 


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Mr. Garza & Mrs. Ashcraft



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