Our Schools:

Instructor:                                                              Campus:

            Lynn Rottman                                                            Northwest High School

            lrottman@nisdtx.org                                                   2301 Texan Dr.

                                                                                               Justin, TX 76247
Conference:   2nd Period
1st Period:   JV Volleyball
2nd Period: Conference
3rd Period:  Co-teaching Algebra I
4th Period:  Co-teaching Algebra I
5th Period:  Lunch
6th Period:  Applied Algebra I
7th Period:  Applied Algebra I
8th Period:  Varsity Softball

Tutorial Times:                                                                      

           By Appointment Only


Please visit my netSchool course at Guest access is available to all netSchool courses.  Guests have access to all course content, but may not participate in forums or upload documents.