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April  8, 2013
Help restore funding for Texas Schools
Last week, the Texas House of Representatives passed the state budget bill, but failed to restore funding for all Texas schools. While no one can deny that the state’s economy has improved and state revenues have increased, funding for some schools still remains well below pre-2011 levels prior to the severe cuts instituted during the last legislative session.

Both versions of the bill included additional money for schools ($1.5 billion in the Senate and $2.5 billion in the House), but those amounts fall short of the $5.4 billion that was cut from schools during the last legislative session. On top of that, what matters to your school district is the way legislators choose to restore funding.

Some schools will see 150% of their cuts restored, but other schools will only get 4% of what they lost. Many revenue-contributing schools, which faced a larger share of the cut that was made, are now seeing only a fraction of what they lost restored.

Please join us in urging Texas legislators not to leave some schools behind in funding levels.   
February 27, 2013
Restore, Protect and Invest
The $5.4 billion in cuts to public education last session were a devastating blow for the students of Texas. State District Court rulings have essentially said that the education funding system in Texas is broken. Recently, the Dallas Morning News reported that Texas has dropped to 49th in spending per pupil.

Legislators must restore the funding cuts made during the last legislative session, rather than waiting for a ruling from the Texas Supreme Court before addressing school funding, as many decision-makers have indicated they would. Additionally, all schools must be protected from any further cuts, rather than taking money from some districts to be given to others. And most importantly, legislators must invest in the future of our state—the students in our public schools. All schools need the resources to ensure that students are fully prepared for college, career, and life. Click here to send your message to election officials. 
February 4, 2013
State District Judge John Dietz rules in School Finance Trial
The school finance trial is now complete and State District Judge John Dietz ruled today that the school finance system fails to provide school districts access to the funding necessary to provide a constitutionally adequate education and that the system of finance has evolved into an unconstitutional state property tax. Academic standards have increased at the same time that state funding declined, and districts have lost the meaningful capacity with which to provide local enrichment. Judge Dietz also ruled that the system is ineffient in that it is inequitable. Click here to read more. 
October 22, 2012
School Finance Trial Begins
The school finance trial began in the Travis County 250th District Court October 22. Northwest ISD joined other school districts across the state to participate in the school finance lawsuit filed in December 2011 by members of the Texas School Coalition, which is made up of revenue contributing schools. The trial is expected to last throught mid-January, and a decision is not expected before February or March of 2013. That decision will most likely be appealed to the Texas Supreme Court, which could take until the spring of 2014 to issue a ruling.

The Texas Legislature will convene for the 83rd Legislative Session on January 8, 2013. Northwest ISD encourages the community to send a message to your elected representatives sharing your thoughts on why funding should be restored for public schools. Click here to send a message.
Northwest ISD Joins School Finance Lawsuit Filed in Austin
State Funding Inadequate, System has Become Statewide Property Tax
Northwest ISD (NISD) is participating in the school finance lawsuit filed December 9 by members of the Texas School Coalition, which is made up of revenue-contributing schools. The lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of the Texas school finance system, claiming that it fails to provide schools with sufficient funding to meet state educational standards and that the system has become a statewide property tax. Read More

NISD Hosts Finance Forum 
Parents and staff are encouraged to attend the Finance Forum at 7 p.m., Thursday, January 19 at the NISD Administration Building (2001 Texan Drive, Justin). NISD Superintendent Karen G. Rue, Ed.D., Chief Financial Officer Jon Graswich, and an outside expert in Texas school finance will address the audience. They will give a legislative overview, discuss the school district’s strategic plan in response to additional state budget reductions, provide a summary of the lawsuit against the state of Texas, and answer questions from the audience.


NISD School Finance News
  • School Finance Court Case Briefing Request
    The State has issued one the filings necessary to continue the process of appealing the school finance case to the Supreme Court of Texas. The State has issued its statement of jurisdiction and request for briefing to the Court had has asked for an extended briefing schedule. 
  • Ed Week's 2015 Quality Counts Released
    Today, Education Week released its 2015 Quality Counts reports and data. The Research Center assigned Texas an overall grade of C- with a rank of 39. Out of eight elements, the state's score was less than the U.S. average on six, and greater than the average on two: change in K-12 achievement and equity in K-12 achievement. 
  • Comptroller Releases Biennial Revenue Estimate
    Glenn Hegar, just 10 days after officially being sworn in as the new state comptroller, released the 2016-17 Biennial Revenue Estimate (BRE). With a modest revenue growth forecast for 2016 and 2017 and a large ending-balance for 2015, the state is projected to have $113 billion in revenue available for general-purpose spending next biennium.
  • Tues., March 5 is Legislative Day in Austin. The event is from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and participants will meet with legislators and staff. Click here to RSVP. 
  • State District Judge John Dietz ruled on February 4, the Texas School Finance system as unconstitutional.
  • Joint Committee on School Finance
    The Joint Committee on School Finance met to hear testimony regarding the structure and operation of the school finance system in Texas.