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2013-14 Northwest ISD Bilingual-ESL Programs

Current Bilingual / ESL programs are housed at the following campuses:

  • Pre-Kindergarten Transitional Bilingual - Roanoke

  • Kindergarten - 5th Grade Dual Language - Roanoke Elementary

  • ESL K-12 Programming - ALL NISD Campuses

Dual Language

For the 2014-2015 school year, Northwest ISD is offering a Two-Way Dual Language Program of English and Spanish instruction for English speaking students who will be entering Kindergarten and Spanish speaking students (eligible as Limited English Proficient) in grades K-5. Dual language students receive grade level instruction in the core content areas using the Northwest Independent School District's Curriculum for math, science, social studies, and language arts/reading.

Para el año escolar 2014-2015, el Distrito Escolar Independiente de Northwest esta ofreciendo un Programa de Idioma Dual para alumnos de habla inglesa que estarán matriculándose en kindergarten y alumnos de habla español (calificados como alumno con nivel Limitado de Inglés) en grados K-5. Los  alumnos de Idioma Dual reciben educación a nivel del grado con contenido central usando el plan de estudios de Northwest ISD para matemáticas, ciencias, estudios sociales y artes del lenguaje y lectura.           

NOTE: If you need assistance with the Survey, please contact your child's school.
NOTA: Si necesita ayuda para completar esta solicitud, favor de comunicarse con la escuela de su niño/a.
Helpful Information for English Language-Based Parents:

To prepare your child be successful in the Dual Language program, English-speaking children would benefit from having some print awareness skills (i.e., know how to hold a book, point to the words, follow words from left to right and top to bottom, write their name starting with an uppercase letter and lower case, etc.), letter recognition, and letter sounds if possible. Having a strong foundation in their first language will help your child acquire a second language, and reading aloud to your children every day is highly recommended. 

Here are some helpful resources:

Alphabet Linking Chart

Alphabet Consonant Cluster Chart


ESL Program (English as a Second Language Program)
English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs are a part of the regular educational program for Limited English Proficiency students of the Northwest Independent School District (NISD). ESL programs are intensive programs of instruction designed to develop proficiency in the comprehension, listening, speaking, reading, and composition in the English language. Instruction in ESL is commensurate with the students level of English proficiency and his/her level of academic achievement. Through the recognition of the students cultural and linguistic differences, appropriate instructional approaches will ensure a students academic growth and build a positive self-image. The primary purpose is to provide institutional support in such a way that the learner will no longer need language support to succeed.
Information for the Bililingual / ESL Programming may be obtained by
contacting  Gina Lee, Director of Student Services, at 817-215-0982.