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Pregnancy, Education, and Parenting Program (PEP)/Pregnancy Related Services (PRS)

The mission of the Pregnancy, Education, and Parenting Program/Pregnancy Related Services Program is to enable school-age parents through education to become self-sufficient, responsible, job-oriented citizens. The  PEP/PRS Programs goal is to reduce the number of students who drop out of school due to pregnancy and/or parenthood and to recover young parents who are 21 years old or younger to the educational system.

The components of the PEP/PRS program include:


Individual counseling, peer counseling, and self-help programs;


Career counseling and job-readiness training;


Child care for the students children on the campus or at a child care facility in close proximity to the campus;


Transportation for children of students to and from the campus or child care facility;


Transportation for students, as appropriate, to and from the campus or child care facility;


Instruction related to knowledge and skills in child development, parenting, and home and family living;


Assistance to students in the program in obtaining available services from government agencies or community service organizations including prenatal and postnatal health and nutrition programs.
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Trista LePore, Coordinator for the
Northwest Independent School District
Telephone number: Northwest HS: 817-698-1343
Telephone number: Byron Nelson HS: 817-698-5674