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Summer Library Hours!
This June, our Lakeview library will be open for summer hours! Please see the flyer below for details. 
summer library flier  
We do have a few guidelines to keep things running smoothly since I am unable to predict how many people will take advantage of these openings.  These guidelines will also ensure that the library is ready to open in August. Please read below for more details as to how this will be set up.


·       Students must be from Lakeview (incoming kinder through outgoing 5th) to check out books.

·       Students will be allowed to check out up to 5 books each week. For older students reading Bluebonnet nominee books, no more than one Bluebonnet book may be checked out at a time due to limited stock.

·       If books are checked-in before June 30th, more books may be checked out in their place.

·       All books are due by Tuesday, June 30th. No books will be checked out this day.

·       On June 30th, students who have all of their books turned in will have the opportunity to choose a free paperback book from a selection of book donations.

·       Parents are responsible for the cost of any lost or damaged books, just as they would be during the school year. This ensures that our book collection is in order for school starting in the fall. Cash payment only will be accepted for these books.

·       Students who have books overdue from the summer when school begins in August will not be able to check out books until they are turned in or paid for. I encourage students to always keep their library books in the same place at home to ensure that they are not misplaced.


·       I welcome the chance to read to our incoming kinder students, as well as this year’s kinder and first grade students.

·       For everyone’s enjoyment, though, I do ask that parents be present and remain with their children during story-time. This will cut down on distractions and reinforce the expectations of the Lakeview library for your child during the school year.

Coding Clubs:

·       Students must be from Lakeview (incoming kinder through outgoing 5th) to be involved in the coding club.

·       We will be using a mixture of apps and code.org to learn some basic coding.

·       I will have a cart of 25 iPads available for students to use. Your child is also welcome to bring their own device with internet connectivity or a coding app (The Foos, Lightbot and Kodable are the apps our school iPads have available) if they prefer. Our iPads will be available on a first come/first served basis.

·       There is not a sign up link for this club since families may be in and out of town each week.

·       Students are not required to attend all four sessions. This is a self-paced club that encourages students to be independent thinkers and problem solvers.

·       If students are only coming for Coding Club, then their parent is asked to pick them up promptly afterward or meet them in the library in order to remain in the group. 

Thank you for your understanding of these guidelines, which should keep everyone able to access the library’s resources equitably, as well as ensuring our library is in its best shape when it opens again in August. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or send me an email.

Thank you!