Our Schools:
Language Arts
Students in 4th grade will read and write every day through a Reading/Writing Workshop format.  Students will continue to address earlier standards as needed while working on fourth grade standards.  Students will engage in activities that build on prior knowledge and skills in order to strengthen their reading, writing, and oral language skills. 
Students will read in narrative and informational texts daily.  I will give explicit instruction, model and give guided practice to provide support that will allow students to understand increasingly more complex text.  They will continue to develop vocabulary, comprehension strategies, and increase their fluency.
Students will write about self-selected topics as well as assigned topics.  I will provide direct instruction with every writing assignment to develop targeted skills.  Students are expected to develop main ideas, including a topic sentence, precise language with clear evidence to support conclusions, and accurate conventions in first draft writing (punctuation, capitalization, grammar and spelling.)
We will also participate in a Skills Block to address spelling and grammar.
Social Studies
Fourth graders will study Texas history. We will incorporate as much content as possible through the Reading Workshop format.  However, due to some of the content, that will not always be possible.  At that point, it will be taught separately.