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At Lakeview Elementary, we use a Math Workshop mathstructure to teach mathematics to our students.   We use many resources to teach a well-rounded math curriculum with Math Investigations being at the center.

Math Workshop is a structure that includes an opening, a work period, and a closing. During the opening the teacher introduces a concept or skill and models different ways for the students to complete the work. During the work period students work in small groups, with a partner or individually to complete the task and practice the concept or skill. During the work period, the teacher monitors the students and often pulls a small group of students. At the closing, students share with the entire class what they learned during the work period. The students get to share how and what they learned.
At Lakeview Elementary we understand that some of the math strategies we teach students are not something parents are familiar with. To help out, click on the link below to see a list of strategies that we teach students for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  The strategies are listed from least to most efficient.
It is important that students understand multiple ways to solve a problem, so they have an indepth understanding of numbers and number concepts.  As students, we memorized our facts and the algorithm (steps to solve equations) without the understanding of why we did it that way.  It is important for students to learn all the strategies listed and then choose the one that makes the most sense to them.
Below is a link to videos that explain many of the strategies listed in the attachment.