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Medlin Student Council

Elections Center for your 2015-2016 officers
Please read over the ballot statements below, then vote for your choice. (Some positions are unopposed. Voting is not required for these.)


Student Council 2015-2016 Officer Elections:

Ballot Statements

Current 6th and 7th graders may vote for these positions

Carter Robinson- Unopposed (congratulations, Carter!)
Vice President:
Ali Farhat – Unopposed (congratulations, Ali!)   
Candidates for Treasurer:
Olivia Carter - I have many characteristics that can help our school in many ways     such as responsibility, leadership, and integrity. I want to make school events the best they can be when I am treasurer.
Courtney Montoya - I am the perfect person for Treasurer. I would be the right choice for this position, because I have experience counting money from helping at my Grandma’s church. I also have experience with budgets. At my old school we would plan meals then go groceries shopping within the budget.


Anna Miley Unopposed (congratulations, Anna!)


Current 7th graders may vote for this position:
8th grade class president:
Jane Burnham – Unopposed (congratulations, Jane!)


Current 6th graders may vote for this position:

7th grade class presidential candidates:
Gina Martini- I believe that I am the best candidate because I am experienced. I was the Treasurer of Student Council in 6th grade. I'm also dedicated, responsible, a leader, organized and smart!
Jackson Owen- I would like to be your 7th grade class president. If I am elected, I would like to increase the number and variety of clubs in our school. I would also like to start a new tradition at Medlin: field day.
Adair Walden- I am very involved in Medlin Middle School and currently serve on the Student Council and Cheerleading Team. I want to use my past Student Council experience and my leadership skills to guide our student body to make positive decisions in the classroom, community and at home.
 Congratulations to our FRESHMEN class representatives for Byron Nelson, 2015-2016: Ty Bogar, Audrey Hightower, Grant Hinshaw,
Laura Tapia, and Zara Kabir
(There were 5 slots and 5 candidates who passed the application process, so no vote is needed) 
6th and 7th graders, click below to vote. You may only vote ONCE. Duplicate votes will be disqualified.
Thank you!