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Dear Parents,

Nationwide studies have shown that the more involved a parent is in a child’s education, the better the student performs in the classroom. That is why Northwest ISD is eager to continue building a strong partnership between schools and parents. We believe successful learning is achieved through strong connections with parents and the community.
We encourage you to be a big part of your child’s life at school either through visiting campuses or by calling or emailing teachers.
The district’s Partners in Education program features several components:
  • The district works closely with parents of students about to enter the school system to prepare both the parents and their children for the new experiences.
  • The district also has a strong partnership with Communities in Schools of North Texas on several campuses.
  • Mentoring will continue to be another area of growth for the district as we ask retirees, parents and local business people to come into our schools to work with our students.
  • Parents can share their knowledge, skill and resources as part of their schools parent organizations.
  • The district is also asking community leaders and businesses to provide engaging guest speakers for our students, sharing with them real-world experiences.
If you would like to be a volunteer or a mentor, contact your local school for the necessary paperwork, or call (817) 215-0172.
Also, please take advantage of the district’s Home Access Center, a system which allows parents to gain quick knowledge of their child’s progress.
Northwest ISD will continue to be a strong parent-oriented district. Mentors and volunteers are making the learning environment special in Northwest ISD and help give students a positive educational outlook.