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Music Supplies
4th Grade:
2 Recorders*
(1 to play at school and 1 for home practice)
5th Grade:
2 Recorders*
(1 to play at school and one for home practice) 
*Recorders may be purchased at school for $5.50 each. 
Learning to play the recorder is a required part of the Northwest ISD Elementary Music Curriculum.

*Please purchase recorders at the school for the following reasons:


There are different types and brands of recorders.

To allow for a consistent sound and tuning purposes all students need to have the same brand of recorder.

Therefore, Mrs. Nassiff asks that students purchase recorders at the school. This will also save you money as the school gets a lower price for purchasing them in large quantities. 

Recorders purchased elsewhere are subject to approval by Mrs. Nassiff.

If your child already has a recorder that was purchased from somewhere other than Prairie View please have your child bring it to school so Mrs. Nassiff can listen to the sound. She will let your child know if they will be able to use it at school. 

If your child was in the 4th grade at Prairie View and they did not take their recorder home, I still have their recorder at school.   If they lost their home recorder they will need to purchase another one for this school year. 

Students may use recorders that were purchased and used by an older sibling if it was purchased at Prairie View or if it is approved by Mrs. Nassiff. 


To assure that your child is able to participate in class and is successful it is required that they have two recorders-one at school and one at home to practice assignments.

Please send $5.50 for one and $11 for two recorders in an envelope marked with your child's first and last name and their homeroom teacher. Please send CASH only.