Our Schools:
 Lunch Bunch
·        Small group lessons and quality time spent with EACH student in the school in order to serve all students of Sendera Ranch. This year it will only be grades 1st-5th because of our large population of students!
·        This will be conducted with each week being a different class. Example: Starting with 3rd grade, I will take one class per week, a few students (4-5) per day, and they will eat their lunch with me in the counselors office. At the end of the week, each student in that class has had quality group time with the counselor and a few classmates.
·        This goal is to ensure that all students of Sendera Ranch are being encouraged, motivated, and supported in their academics and character development as an individual.  This will also develop a trusting relationship with the counselor to be built on for the future years, and will assist younger students in knowing where the counselors office is, and making the counselor more approachable for student needs.
Click on the Link Below to View An Example of A Student Lunch Bunch Invitation:
This will be given to the student on the week of their Lunch Bunch!