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As we finish each project, some artwork will be on display in the hallways. Every student will not have work displayed for every project, however, given the variety of projects, we hope that by the end of the year each student will have work displayed at least twice.
All 2-D artwork is saved to a student portfolio when it is finished. These portfolios belong to the student and are kept in their classrooms. (If the student leaves the school, they should take the portfolio with them as they take their folders, etc.) Some 2-D and 3-D projects are stored by the art teacher for use in special exhibits and other special projects- there will be a receipt letter in their portfolio so we both remember where that artwork is.

Special Exhibits
In the spring, we plan to have 2 all school art exhibits- A Self-Portrait Exhibit is planned to be up for Public School Week in early March and the Sendera Ranch Elementary Art Exhibit is planned for May. You will be informed of the dates as soon as the calendar is confirmed. Each student will put their best artwork on display in the Sendera Ranch Elementary Art Exhibit.
There is also a Northwest District Art Show, planned for May, that showcases artwork from all of the elementary schools, middle schools, and high school. Because of limited space, we have about 40 pieces of artwork representing Sendera Ranch Elementary in the district show. None of these shows is judged; we enjoy a wide range of great artwork!

Taking the art work home!
After the art shows, we put all artwork (even the artwork the art teacher has!) into the portfolios and sometime during the last weeks of school, we take it all home! If a child is exiting the school before then, they should inform the art teacher so she can gather up any artwork that is not in the portfolio and make sure the student takes their complete portfolio with them.