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Student Email Information

In alignment with our commitment to the availability of technology resources to further educational excellence, Northwest ISD is pleased to announce the distribution of NISD email accounts to middle school students. Email accounts were made available to high school students in 2011. As you may remember, information regarding student email accounts was included in the back to school information that all parents received in August. Email accounts for middle schools students will be active as of Monday, September 17.
Since the introduction of netbooks into the classroom, students have incorporated technology into their everyday school life. Student email accounts provide teachers and students an additional method of communication that can be integrated through the use of netSchool and teacher gradebooks. Students may also use their netbooks to monitor their grades and attendance using the Home Access Center (HAC) and may choose to receive grade and attendance alerts that will be sent to their student email account.
Digital safety is important to Northwest ISD. While security is not guaranteed, NISD has taken steps to establish safety guidelines for the email system. The email system is set up so that students will be able to send and receive messages only to NISD staff and students, and not from external email systems. The student email is to be used primarily for learning purposes consistent with the district’s mission and goals, but some limited personal use is permitted. High school students have been provided information regarding digital citizenship to further their understanding of appropriate digital communication and etiquette. NISD looks forward to continuing to partner with parents and community in educating our students about the importance of digital safety and citizenship. Students are expected to adhere to the NISD Student Guidelines for Acceptable Use of Technology Resources.

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