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Copyright Information

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Copyright is a fairly complicated matter. For students, teachers and other educational personnel three basic rules are important to follow:


1.    Brevity You are using as little as possible of the work.

2.    Spontaneity You are not pre-planning to use of extensive amounts of the work that would allow you to ask permission from its author/artist/creator.

3.    Cumulative Effect big words; short meaning = it will not have an effect on how much the creator can profit from marketing the product.


Citing the work does is not an alternative to asking permission if time permits. However, citing is required for all images.


Citation Guidelines


Citation is another complicated field. As you progress in your academic career, you will learn more about the different styles for citing information. A basic way to cite is to give your audience the following information (yes, they are separated by periods).

 Author. Title. Date and City of Publication. (for printed resources)

Author/Artist. Title/Description. Date Accessed. Link. (for electronic resources)


If you prefer, you may use a citation helper. One that is easy to use (just fill in the blanks) is http://www.easybib.com/.


Above all, just like anything; you must allow enough time for each project to

1.    Find your images, text, and music.

2.    Keep accurate notes for citation purposes.

3.    Give yourself a chance, think critically and create your own images using: a camera, WordPad, or simply drawing and scanning. If you need help, come and see Ms. Vs collection.



Images, Sound, and Templates
"Royalty Free"  


Here are a few sites to help you out:

 Notice: Northwest ISD is not responsible for content on external sites or servers



Make sure you select Royalty-free and cite your image. Its easy:

Title. Artist (if known). Date accessed. URL



Two kids carrying a backpack. McMillan Digital Art. November 1, 2010. http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/104081013/Photodisc




   http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/images - This is totally free from Microsoft. It has images and templates that you may want to try. Additionally, Microsoft partners with several subscription sites that may be of interest to you.


Do you want to learn more about Copyright?

Check out http://www.copyrightkids.org/cbasicsframes.htm. You do need to have an updated flash player to access the presentations; however they are available in text only.


Teachers and Students


Video and Copyright From the American Library Association




Some Key Points to remember are: 

Classroom Use of Videos


Classroom use of a copyrighted video is permissible only when all of the following conditions are met:
  1. The performance must be by instructors or by pupils.
  2. The performance is in connection with face-to-face teaching activities.
  3. The entire audience is involved in the teaching activity. 
  4. The entire audience is in the same room or same general area.
  5. The teaching activities are conducted by a non-profit education institution.
  6. The performance takes place in a classroom or similar place devoted to instruction. 
  7. The person responsible for the performance has no reason to believe that the videotape was unlawfully made.