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High School Acceleration Courses

  • Online Original Credit

($220/semester, Additional $50 for Out of District) / (Complete Summer Session – July 15-30*)


Instruction is provided through a web-based curriculum supported weekly by a core content area throughout the summer session (July 15-30* with a student/staff holiday on July 3).  All students will need to attend at BNHS the first week on June 15-19 to ensure the system set-up is successful and understanding of the program expectations and process is clear.  Following the first week, daily attendance is NOT required (unless deemed to be necessary by administration). All work is online in a self-paced format. Communication with a support teacher will be through electronic correspondence or phone weekly.  *Onsite Courses Closed during Student Holiday of July 3 and during State Assessment Retesting Dates July 6-10. 


Students are expected to complete online work on a regular basis within the web-based program.  As secure assessments/assignments arise, students will need to consult with the online teacher to schedule a face-to-face exam proctoring/assignment completion.  If assistance is necessary or preferred, the student would attend BNHS at the designated school hours.   (These original credit courses not otherwise offered can be taken for Credit Recovery if preferred at the cost noted within the course guide.)


Scenarios for Online Original Credit Course Option:

·        Original Credit ($220 per semester credit, Additional $50 for Out of District) – Student who has not taken the course previously and is seeking acceleration to gain original credit within a course required for graduation.