Our Schools:
The Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is designed for students who are interested in learning in a new way. Students will experience the classroom in a completely different way than they have before. The STEM Academy uses Project Based Learning (PBL) to teach content, as well as 21st Century Skills.  
The STEM Academy is a “school within a school” meaning that students will take the majority of their classes within the academy setting.  The STEM Academy offers a unique classroom experience by incorporating cross-curricular projects and authentic learning experiences that are not part of a traditional classroom.  Rigorous coursework and project-based learning will allow students to acquire skills that are critical to success in college and in STEM career fields.  Students will be prepared for the various options that will be available upon graduation, whether a STEM Academy student chooses community college, university studies, or entering the workforce.It's not just for engineers! It can be a great learning experience for ALL students!