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All About Mr. Sayen

 Mr. Sayen

Congratulations on making it to 3th Grade! My name is Christopher Sayen and I’ll be your teacher this year. I graduated from the University of North Texas with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies: Elementary Education EC-6th ESL.



I LOVE technology and you will find a large amount of it in my classroom.  From computers to my IPad (which you will rarely see me without) technology plays a large part in my life.  I am also an avid video game player and proud of it.  Another large portion of my life belongs to my family and our family ranch, Stoney Ridge Ranch.  My parents and sister runs the ranch in Princeton TX where they raise miniature horses.  The ranch was created in Menifee California in 1990.  Since then it has moved with us to Ames Iowa and now Princeton Texas.  Music is one of the greatest joys in my life, aside from kids.  After a few weeks in my classroom, I guarantee that you will have heard a wide range of music.


Quick Fun Facts


My Favorite Color is Green

My Emails are Always Colorful


I love Root Beer


My Favorite Author is Jim Butcher


I am never without Music


My Favorite band is Linkin Park


I have a hard time making straight lines!

My Birthday is on December 21st