Our Schools:

Do you like Robots?


Do you enjoy challenging problems?


Can you work with a team to accomplish a common goal?


Do you stay awake at night thinking about creating something awesome?

Robotics Club might be
the place for you!!


In club we will be working with Mindstorm models NXT 2.0.  Our club focuses on Arena.  Arena is a "game" that has different challenges that students must complete for points within a set time limit.  Every year we will be going to regional for Arena.  The second part of robotics is inventions.  Inventions is the use of robotics to help solve a problem our community is facing.  We focus on Inventions after regional and take them to Techno Expo along with displaying them in the library at the end of the year.

January is our regional competition!
March is Techno Expo!


This is a TEAM activity!