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Science 2012-2013

Mr. Little’s Class Syllabus

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Room #:1011/1017  Conf. Period: 1:57 - 2:42



Course Overview

Welcome to Pike Middle School Science. We will be covering a wide range of curriculum this year. Please use my website to see the “Scope and Sequence” detailing what we will cover per six weeks period. (Note: the sequence is a guideline; actual time frame spent on concepts may vary.)

Lab safety rules and regulations

            The first week of school, we will be reviewing proper laboratory procedures and safety in a science classroom. Both the student and parent MUST sign a safety contract agreeing to follow lab safety rules/regulations. Students may be deducted points for not following lab safety guidelines or be excused from the lab.  Safety for the student will ALWAYS be the first priority.  No student will be allowed to participate in lab without a signed contract on file with the teacher.


            For an excused absence, you have one day plus the number of days you were absent to turn in your missed work.  If you are absent, refer to the following for missing assignments: teacher’s homepage or missed work folder.  Class notes, lab investigations and handouts are available on my teacher website (hardcopy available upon request).  Students should come before or after school to pick up missed work or notes! Check the assignment calendar or the teacher’s website for work missed. It is YOUR responsibility to pick up work! LATE POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED IF YOU FAIL TO GET YOUR MISSED WORK IN A TIMELY MANNER!!!

            Major projects and notification of test dates prior to absences will remain the same. If you miss a quiz or test, you will take the test or quiz the day you return. You are responsible for contacting the teacher before or after school to receive notes/assignments and to make up quizzes/tests. 

Grading Policy          

Daily work (quizzes, class work, labs, warm-up quizzes)                                             40%

Exams/major projects        (minimum of 3 per six weeks)                                           60%

***For details see District Grading Policy Guidelines


Every student is assigned a book and is financially responsible for that book. Glencoe offers an internet textbook for free! Handy when students forget their books at school!!! (See teacher website to access)

Log in: TXG07                                                     Password: p33e2afRah

Netschool Log-in 

            Please ensure you login to and become an active participant in my Netschool site.  This must be done no later than the second day of school.  Failure to comply will result in consequences.  The web address is:  (7th Grade) or (8th Grade)


  • 1-Composition Notebooks   
  • Miscellaneous Paper (graphing, notebook, etc.)
  • Pencils
  • Lysol wipes
  • Paper Towels

Homework/Late Work

         Homework is an important part of the learning process that extends, enriches and/or reinforces academic concepts and skills to enhance achievement. It is a necessary part of the instructional process that begins in the classroom, extends into the home, and provides a way for parents to become aware of the instructional program and their child's educational progress (See District website for details). All assignments are to be turned in the day they are due. Campus policy will be followed for late work. 

·        1 day late:    15 points off, if not turned in parent will receive another email.

·        2 days late:  30 points off and parent will receive another email.

·        3 days late:  30 points off, if not turned in it will become a “0” and parents will  receive a final email.

Make-up Work

         When a student is absent they are responsible to complete all missed work.  Each student has the number of days they are absent plus one.  The student can check the website before they return or the in class calendar upon return. 

If you are absent for a quiz or test you will have the number of days plus one day to complete the make-up quiz or test.  Any work not made up within one week of an absence will be given a zero and a parent will be contacted!

Progress Reports

Progress reports will be given every six weeks to all students who are receiving a 74 or lower. These should be signed by a parent or guardian and returned.  If it is not signed and returned then the progress report will be mailed home. 


 I am available for tutorials Monday and Tuesday mornings from 8:40 - 9:10 am.  Lunch tutorials are available by appointment.  If you need help, show up!  There is NO EXCUSE for not getting help if you need it.

Classroom Rules / Expectations:

  1. No gum, candy, food or drinks are allowed in my classroom
  2. No bathroom breaks during class. Take care of personal needs during transition times
  3. No backpacks or purses at any time in my room, they need to stay in your locker.
  4. Come to class prepared every day.
  5. Be in your seat when the bell rings.
  6. Practice behaviors that are courteous, supportive, and respectful.
  7. Respect your teacher and your classmates.
  8. Be persistent in following all school and classroom rules.      
  9. Raise your hand when you need to speak. 
  10. The classroom is for learning – NOT socializing with your friends!

*Use the R.O.P.E to be successful: R (responsibility), O (organization), P (preparation), E (engagement)*

Student Management and Discipline Policy:

               I will follow the Gene Pike Middle School code of conduct.  Student will receive a warning if they are not following rules set forth.

·        1st Offense: Student will sign the discipline book.

·        2nd Offense: Student will sign the discipline book, a detention will be assigned and a phone call will made to the parent.

·        3rd Offense: Student will sign the discipline book, a discipline referral will be given and a phone call will be made to the parent

Tardy Policy:

Gene Pike Middle School’s tardy procedures, which states:

·         1st Tardy:   Verbal warning / sign tardy log

·         2nd Tardy:  Verbal warning / sign tardy log / email parent notification

·         3rd Tardy:   15 minute detention / sign tardy log / email parent notification

·         4th Tardy:   Referral to their asst. principal for disciplinary action / parent phone call