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     Pre K Guidelines     
       The Texas Education Agency      
The learning experiences of the preschool years provide a foundation that guides children academically, socially, and emotionally. These experiences can influence the rest of a child’s life. Children’s learning and intellectual growth are affected by the specific experiences (e.g., instruction, guidance) they have in a preschool classroom.
The Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines offer detailed descriptions of expected behaviors across multiple skill domains that should be observed in 4‐ to 5yearold children by the end of their prekindergarten experience. The following ten areas are covered in the PreK Guidlines: 
                I.   Social and Emotional Development
               II.    Language and Communication
               III.   Emergent Literacy Reading
               IV.  Emergent Literacy Writing
               V.   Mathematics
               VI.  Science.
               VII. Social Studies
               VIII. Fine Arts
               IX.   Physicial Development
               X.    Technology
CLICK on the link below to access the PreK Guidelines for the state of Texas: