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  • Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Bobcat Varsity Cheer Captains!

    Kylie Lowrance & Malin Scharfenberg 


    Congratulations 2016-2017 BNHS Cheerleaders!

    BNHS Varsity
    Alexa Whiteis
    Alicia DeCaro
    Alyssa Cromwell
    Corrina Collins
    Courtney Stuhldreher Erin Pellet
    Judah Williams
    Kaylee Hawkins
    Kaylee Villareal
    Kennedy Campos
    Kylie Lowrance
    Lexi Gonzales
    Malin Scharfenberg
    Nasia Lanham
    Neya Beard
    Payton Ikels
    Sariyah Graham
    Sofia Riley

    BNHS Junior Varsity
    Ashlynn Morrow
    Averie Bolton
    Carlos Montoya
    Haley Coffman
    Hannah Watkins
    Kassie Brumley
    Kaylee Allsup
    Ke'Airia Touchstone
    Kennedy Battles
    Kennedy Spasic
    Lexi Carrick
    Raegan Wesley
    Tristyn Torres



    BNHS Freshman
    Alexis Bishop
    Aubrey Downing
    Braeley Krautsch
    Gabby Russo
    Grace Gough
    Graci Weason
    Halle Dowde-Parrot
    Halle Skelton
    Janae Miller
    Kelsee Villareal
    Kristyn Hall
    Madison Kessler
    Mia Duffy
    Nicole Silva
    Raina Kinneer
    Remi Jenkins
    Sydney Dees

    Congratulations to our 2016-2017 Bobby the Bobcat Mascot!

    Dominic Azcona


    2015-2016 Varsity Team
    Jasmine Muchow - Head Cheerleader ’16; Malin Scharfenberg – Captain ’17; Kaylee Hawkins – Captain ’17; Kylie Lowrance – Spirit Leader ’17; Neya Beard ’18; Desiree Barnica ’16; Kannon Bolton ’16; Alexis Bonus ’17; Alicia Decaro ’17; Leighton Fangue ’18; Amanda Herrera ’16; Trinity Howland ’18; Lexi Ong ’18; Kaylee Villareal ’18; Jenna Wachowiak ’16; Judah Williams ’17; Destany Wood ’17; Zoe Young ‘18; Mascot - Dominic Azcona

    2015-2016 JV Team
    Kennedy Battles; Avery Bolton; Lexi Carrick; Alyssa Cromwell; Abby Ecker; Sariyah Graham; Grace Miller

    2015-2016 Freshman Team
    Kaylee Allsup; Kassie Brumley; Kennedy Campos; Haley Coffman; Corrina Collins; Julie Jackson; Ashlynn Marrow ; Soraya Pressley; Kennedy Spasic; Courtney Stuhldreher; Laura Sue Topia; Tristin Torres; Raegan Wesley

    2016 NCA Performance Competition Team (Small Division: 12 Cheerleaders) Alexis Bonus; Alicia Decaro; Alyssa Cromwell; Amanda Herrera; Jasmine Muchow; Judah Williams; Kaylee Villareal; Kennedy Spasic*; Kylie Lowrance; Leighton Fangue; Malin Scharfenberg; Neya Beard; Soraya Presley; Trinity Howland* *Alternates

    UIL Competition Team 2016 Jasmine Muchow; Kaylee Hawkins; Malin Scharfenberg; Kylie Lowrance; Alexis Bonus; Alicia Decaro; Amanda Herrera; Desiree Barnica; Destany Wood; Jenna Wachowaik; Judah Williams ; Kannon Bolton; Kaylee Villareal; Leighton Fangue; Lexi Ong; Neya Beard; Trinity Howland; Zoe Young; Dominic Azcona; Abby Ecker; Alyssa Cromwell; Lexi Carrick; Chelsea Sampson; Kaylee Allsup; Kennedy Spasic; Soraya Pressley; Tristyn Torres 

  • Thank you @NCAupdates for choosing @Bobcatcheer as a #WeveGotSpirit winner!


    Yes we do.
    We’ve got spirit!
    How 'bout YOU?                                    

    Sideline season is in full swing! In an effort to keep the spirit alive, we challenged cheerleaders across the nation to join us in a little game. We put a spin on the old school game of “we’ve got spirit” and encouraged athletes to pass the social spirit stick. Photos and videos poured in, reminding us that the sidelines serve as a platform that connect us at the start of every school year. We’ve witnessed traditions and viewed what teams value most as they cheer under the stadium lights. Here’s an inside look at Friday night cheerleading across the nation:

    School spirit begins with you. Sending encouragement and promoting participation is your job. Passing the spirit doesn’t have to stop here. Take a moment to recognize students, teammates and other teams throughout the year.

    • Highlight the participation of the student body by selecting a standout spirit student for each game. This student could be honored at the pep rally and given special duties during the game.
    • Acknowledge a different teammate each game for their positivity and dedication. Write notes and give goodies to remind this teammate why he or she is vital to the success of the team.
    • Deliver a spirit-gram across the field. Show the opposing team that you appreciate them by signing a “thank you” letter. Welcome them with snacks and treats.   
    • Cheerleading is powerful. Embrace the spirit and pass it along. Individually we can make a difference. Together, we can brighten the world!

    bit.ly/NCAwgs pic.twitter.com/FguYiNMhUG