Our Schools:
What You Can Do

The Action You Take Can Make a Difference!

1.      Stay Informed

The outcome of the school finance lawsuits and legislative action will have a significant effect on your children, Northwest ISD, and your taxes. It is important to stay informed and learn about these issues.


2.      Share Information

Positive change comes from informed constituents. Take time to share information with your neighbors, friends, and community.

     3.      Vote

Be sure you are a registered voter. Consider forming community voter registration drives. Make your vote count.


To become a registered voter, or to find out if you are registered and your address status is correct, visit http://www.sos.state.tx.us/elections/voter/reqvr.shtml.


4.      Communicate - Save Texas Schools Petition

Your voice can make a difference for public education in the Northwest ISD community and for all children in the state of Texas. Make education a priority and speak up at the appropriate time by communicating with your state officials. 
Save Texas Schools is sponsoring a petition to get the $5.4 billion that was needlessly cut from public education in 2011 restored. The Senate Ed Committee recommended $1.5 billion added back, which is a start. It is likely that little funding will be restored without public support, even with $17.8 billion between the current budget surplus and the projected Rainy Day Fund available. Many legislators still want to wait two more years until forced by the courts to act. Texas kids can't wait! Sign the petition today and spread throughout your social media networks. Click here to sign the petition today!

5.      Know Who Represents You

It’s important to know who represents you and how to reach them. To see a list of state and U.S. representatives for your area, visit http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/.

Watch a video from the Coalition of Revenue-Contributing Schools for more information.