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    Posted by Sherri Standridge at 6/4/2012

    First Grade – Reading with your Child

    Describe reading instruction in our classroom:

    Students are placed in Guided reading groups. Guided reading allows children a chance to practice strategies with the teacher’s support which leads to independent silent reading. The teacher works with small groups of students who have similar reading skills and are able to read similar text with support. The purpose is for the students to  use and develop strategies “on the run”.  The students enjoy the story because they can understand through their own strategies that are supported through the teacher. Students concentrate on meaning of the text while using strategies to solve unknown words.   They are taught concepts or ideas they have not seen before in books.  The goal is for them to read the books again and again for independence and fluency. Children are grouped and regrouped in a process that includes observation and assessments.


    Daily at home reading expectations for Nance First Grade students

    ·         Reading every night for at least 20 minutes

    ·         Reading log signed of books read

    ·         Practice Dolch Word list

    Suggestions/Tips for parents to support reading at home

    ·         Picture walk- Before you begin reading a book, look at each page’s picture and talk about what they think is happening. This practice will aid in comprehension of the story.

    ·         As you read-

    1.  Make sure you child point to each word so they can stretch the word out for    sounds.       

     2. Periodically ask before turning the page, “What do you predict  might happen?” Give plenty of time to think about possibilities.      

      3. Help you child with the words that they do not know. Ask “Does this make sense? Does it sound right?”  Encourage your child to stretch out the words that are unfamiliar. Practicing the Dolch word list will be helpful.

    ·         Ask questions and discuss the book- Talk about what they think and feel about the book. Ask questions about the book such as “Can you tell me what happened in the story? Where did the story take place? How would you change the ending of the story? What was the beginning of the story? What happened in the middle of the story? ”


    ·         Strategies to solve unknown words-


    1.       Look for chunks in words. Ex. Sit  or mat

    2.       “Get your mouth ready to blend the sounds together”

    3.       Does the word look like another word that I know? Ex./ cook/look

    4.       Try again

    5.       Check the picture

    6.       Does it make sense?

    7.       Does it look right?

    8.       Does it sound right?


    ·         What does end of the year reader look like for First Grade- what do they do?

    First Graders are reading on a range of levels while controlling early strategies of word by word matching by reading longer stretches of text. They are reading more fluently. They are moving away from finger pointing as their eyes are taking over this job. They are checking their reading using the letter-sound relationships, word, and parts of words.  The stories that they are reading are slightly more complex but still easy for children to understand. Our goal for a First Grader is to finish on a level 16 or J.



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