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Here are some websites to help with homework of all kinds. These links will be updated and added to periodically.



This website is a must for students researching online.  Instead of bookmarking a page, diigo allows you to highlight, sticky note, archive and tag a website with information they use.  Share this with'll make web-based researching easier to compile and read for them


Another great bookmarking site, this allows you to search other bookmarks, create a network, tag a website and embed it into your blog or personal site online



Collaborate Online

Livebinders:  Create an online three ring binder of information for a project the share with others

This is a online word processor that allow multiple authors to collaborate on one project. You can access your docs online with having to send as an attachment in email and send back and forth. You can add lists, see who's working online right now, add images...great and free
Writeboard allows you to create a web-based document to create, share, and collaborate on!
Google groups allows you to take notes, write, edit and chat all at the same time.  Even better, it will save all texts and edits for the next time you open up your collaborative piece



Conversion tools:  Use these sites to convert documents, audio and images to use in projects or presentations



Create Online: 

This website lets you put pictures, from flickr or from your computer, into billboards, magazine covers, movie posters, badges, calendars, and a whole lot more.

Need to make a calendar for your class?  How about a calendar as a monthly scheduler?  This website will allow you to create different kinds of calendar for years and years.  Create a unique one complete with a personal online photograph.

A simple way for you or your students to create animations and share them with your peers or the social community at large.  This is a fun tool and easy to use in the classroom.

E-books for Free

This site contains more than 10,000 eBooks formatted for reading

Download over 33,000 free ebooks to read

Homework help:
Homework links for most curricular areas, including computer science, English, foreign languages and math:
A website with searches of familiar quotations, phrases and proverbs: 
Government website with information about population, housing, economics and geographic information on the United States:
Essential reference tools including calculators and conversion tables, alamancs, dictionaries and thesauri, maps, and style and writing guides:
CIA World Factbook This site, updated every year, is one of the most authoritative sites on the numerous countries of the world. It provides easy point-and-click searching and browsing:
GCalc is an online graphing calculator that provides a basic, easy-to-use, well-balanced set of graphing functionality for algebra, pre-calculus, calculus and beyond.  
Images:  sites that allow you to use images in your projects with attribution



Music to use in productions:  music you can use in projects with attribution



Studies show that today's students are far more digitally switched on; learning best when they are actively engaged by the learning process. Notely makes note-taking a breeze by helping students organise information in a cycle. Students can capture, organise, and share notes in a way that increases interactivity, learning and retention.

Everything you capture is automatically processed, indexed, and made searchable. If you like, you can add tags or organize notes into different notebooks.

Search for notes by keywords, titles, and tags. Evernote magically make printed and handwritten text inside your images searchable, too.



Projects Video/Graphics

Online video to share and embed:

Online poster:

Create an interactive slideshow/presentations:

Online presentations never looked so great:



Research Tools:

Citationmachine helps researchers create a cited page in both MLA and APA format.

Thesis Builder helps you write a thesis statement for research papers



Search Engines:




Free 1 GB of online storage space:

Free 2 GB of online storage space:

Google docs saves your documents and more:

Need to store a powerpoint?



Vocabulary Building

Find definitions, translations, and search all dictionaries:

A fun vocabulary game:

Online test preparation courses including the SAT, ACT, GRE and vocabulary building skills.


Young Adult Booklists

American Library Association booklists

Texas Library Association Young Adult booklist 

Reading Rants Out of the Ordinary Teen Booklists


Connected Youth




Websites: Easy flash-driven website creators