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Class of 2015
 senior handout

A resource to help you through your senior year.  It includes a timeline, checklist, graduation requirements, ACT and SAT dates, and other information.

We want to celebrate your achievements now, at the Royal Awards and at Graduation. Let us know to what colleges you have been accepted! This does not mean you are going to accept their offer and go to that school.  This information allows us and other Bobcats to know what schools are pursuing our seniors.
College Form

You got how much

The class of 2014 set a high bar of over 9 million dollars  in scholarship offers last year.  The goal for this year is not to reach that number but to exceed it.  To do that we need to know how much money you have been offered in scholarships. You may not accept all offers but we still want to acknowledge all your scholarship offers at the Royal Awards and Graduation.  We need these offers reported by May 8th to be included in the programs.

Scholarship Form