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 Joseph Ouellette

If you are a parent, or a future student, I am very happy you have stopped by to read about me.  My name is Joseph and this coming school year will be my 13th year teaching in public education.  I am a graduate of Midwestern State University and Texas Bible College with a Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Bachelors of Theology.

This is my third third year teaching with Northwest ISD.  I have spent most of my career in education teaching in the state of Texas.  I have spent two summers teaching and working with children and teachers in Singapore and Malaysia.  I have come to love Asian culture, people, and food from my experiences.

Part of my educational training has been working with the Texas Education Agency in Austin, Texas to develop curriculum standards for Math and Science as well as working on developing the STAAR test (don’t judge me too harshly).

Another part of my educational training has been working with Special Education students.  In my previous district, I worked as an Autism Specialist and conducted teacher trainings and workshops on helping students with disabilities be successful in the classroom. 

Here at Tidwell I am the Media Arts and Yearbook teacher- both are things I love to teach.  It all started about eight years ago when a group of my students wanted to begin writing and producing their own news broadcast at school.  We started working before and after school to develop a news program.  Our idea grew and our school eventually purchased us equipment and software to film, edit, and develop a broadcast.  Our broadcast was even showcased by the United States Air Force in wishing well to troops stationed in the Middle East. 

If you are a student of mine, my goal is to inspire you in a field of study that is a passion of mine- the field of journalism.  In my class you will study the basics of newspaper, radio, broadcast television, film editing, and social media.  If you are in one of my yearbook classes then we will discuss the elements of digital design and photography and how it applies to journalism. 

Whatever capacity I will know you in, if you’re in one of my classes or if you are just int he hall walking by my room, I look forward to building a relationship with you this year.  Feel free to stop by the Media center and introduce yourself or say hello in the hall. 

Tidwell is a great school and we are going to have a great year!


Joseph Ouellette
Tidwell Middle School
Last Modified on July 23, 2015