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Legislative Updates
84th Legislative Session
The 84th Legislative Session is underway, and the Northwest ISD Board of Trustees approved NISD's 2015 Legislative Priorities.  A reflection of the district's vision and mission, these priorities identify the district's greatest areas of concern and desires in regards to the next legislative session.  These priorities will be used as a communication tool with our Legislators, parents, community and staff.  If you wish to contact your representative, click here.   
To view the Star-Telegram Letter to the Editor written by NISD School Board Member Anne Davis-Simpson, Ed.D. concerning vouchers, click here.
  • Pre-filed Legislation 11-24-14
  • Pre-filed Legislation 12-15-14
  • Lt. Gov.-Elect Patrick's Legislative Priorities - Lt. Governor-Elect Dan Patrick outlined his priorities for the 84th Legislative Session yesterday that covered the topics of education, the budget, property and business taxes, border security, transportation, public integrity unit and protecting the 2nd and 10th amendments.
  • House’s Interim Committee Reports - The Texas House of Representatives released its interim committee reports to assist the standing committees for the upcoming 84th Legislative Session that begins January 13, 2015, including its report by the Public Education Committee.
  • Pre-filed Bill Summary 1-12-15 and HB 654
  • Bill Summary 1-19-15 : We have posted a summary of legislation filed last week affecting public education
  • Abbott and Patrick’s Inaugural Remarks - Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick were sworn in today in Austin. In their remarks, both mentioned some of their priorities in public education.
  • Bill Summary 1-26-15: Moak Casey and Associates has published a summary of newly filed legislation for the previous week.
  • Senate Committee Assignments: Lt. Governor Dan Patrick announced Senate Committee assignments today.
  • MCA Budget Update: House and Senate Comparison: With 124 of the 140 days of the 84th Legislative Session remaining, the initial budget priorities for both the House and Senate have been released. House Bill 1 and Senate Bill 2 will be the primary vehicles for the 2016-17 General Appropriations Act (state budget). MCA has prepared a comparison of the House and Senate budget priorities for public education.
  • Bill Summary 2-9-25: The Senate Finance Committee met on February 9, 2015, to discuss state funding for the Texas Education Agency. A summary of the hearing is provided.  
  • Senate Finance Hearing on TEA
  • Bill Summary 2-17-15: New legislation for the previous week has been added to the list of tracked bills, and is summarized in the document.
  • Gov. Abbott Addresses Legislature: Governor Abbott addressed the 84th Legislature this afternoon. He detailed his proposed budget, starting with his funding priorities for public education. He also detailed $4.2 billion in business and property tax relief. 
  • Senate Education Hearing on Thursday: The Senate Committee on Education posted notice of a hearing that will start at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday. The meeting is organizational but will include a hearing on SB 149 by Sen. Seliger, to create Individual Graduation Committees that can authorize students' graduation when students have retested but have yet to pass one or more required EOC tests. 
  • House Public Education - First Meeting: The House Committee on Public Education met for the first time this session to hear invited testimony from TEA officials about EOC results, accountability, school finance, and online education.
  • Senate Education Today; House Public Ed. Tuesday: Today the Senate Committee on Education met to adopt committee rules and to hear SB 149 by Sen. Kel Seliger. Also, notice has been posted that the House Committee on Public Education will meet next Tuesday afternoon to hear seven bills on a variety of topics.
  • House Public Education Hearing, 2-24-2015: The House Committee on Public Education met this afternoon to hear seven bills. All bills were left pending in committee.
  • Bill Summary 2-23-15
  • Senate Calls for $2.5B ISD Homestead Exemption: This morning, Lt. Governor Patrick, along with Sen. Nelson and Sen. Schwertner, unveiled the initial Senate proposal that would provide up to $4.6 billion in tax relief to both Texas homeowners and businesses.
  • Letter Grades as Ratings: Many district and campus administrators have expressed concern over the filed legislation that would require TEA to issue letter grades as ratings to both schools and districts, likely before the 2017 ratings cycle. This article includes some talking points about use of letter grades as ratings that district leaders may find helpful.
  • House Public Ed Hearing on Pre-K: The House Public Education Committee met on March 10 to discuss six bills pertaining to prekindergarten.
  • Juvenile Justice and Family Issues Committee: The Juvenile Justice and Family Issues Committee met yesterday in a marathon meeting to hear several bills related to truancy.
  • Senate Education Hearing: The Senate Education committee met on March 12, 2015, at 9:00 a.m. to discuss six bills, including the bills to change school ratings to A-F and on virtual schools.
  • Bill Summary 3-16-15: Bill summary for the last week of bill filing.
  • House Public Education Hearing, 3-17-2015: The House Public Education Committee heard testimony on eight bills today, all of which were left pending. Six bills were referred to the Subcommittee on Educator Quality. The Senate voted out SB 149 today, and the Senate Education Committee voted four bills out favorably. The Senate Ed Committee also posted notice for a hearing on Thursday morning.
  • Senate Ed Hearing: Please find a summary of Thursday's Senate Education hearing posted with this article, which covered bills such as parent trigger, teacher appraisals and the creation of a committee to examine the state's accountability system. 
  • Voucher Bills in Senate Education: The Senate Education Committee is scheduled to take up some of the voucher bills at its hearing on Thursday, March 26, 2015. We wanted to bring this to your attention as soon as possible, as we know many of your districts and school board members have taken action on similar proposals that have been filed in previous sessions.
  • Notice, Senate Ed Committee Hearing: Voucher Bills: The Senate Committee on Education has formally posted notice of its intent to hear four voucher bills this Thursday.