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The Parenting Education class has been established to support teens that are pregnant or parenting. This class will cover a variety of topics that will benefit both the teens and their children. We will establish healthy living expectations, childcare guidance, parenting strategies, effective communication and self-esteem building. The most exciting portion of the curriculum is the peer mentorship the girls will develop with each other as well as other parents in the community who have a heart for teen success. The students will also receive educational and career coaching in order to better their future. This course is developed to enhance the students learning both present and future. We will set goals and achieve them together!
We are working closely with NISD's Family Involvement Center and pairing up with mentors that want to help with our success! We look forward to sharing and bonding with moms in our community!!
If you have any questions about our new group, please feel free to call or email me at any time!