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The K-12 Social Studies program in Northwest ISD is designed to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and values that will enable them to become effective citizens in our democratic society. Because of the increasing complexity of our ever changing world, it is vital that our country have an informed, responsible, and contributing citizenry. Social Studies is that part of the curriculum which uses the facts, concepts, generalizations, and knowledge of history, geography, and the social sciences to promote responsible citizenship.

Darsi Bickley 
Social Studies Coordinator


Special Celebrations:
  • August 26 - Womens Independence Day
  • September 11 - National Day of Service and Rememberance
  • September 17 - Constitution Day
  • Celebrate Freedom Week is the week of September 17th
  • September 17-October 17 - Hispanic Heritage Month
  • November 3 - Father of Texas Day - In memory of Stephen F. Austin
  • November 11 - Veterans Day
  • November - American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month
  • December 15 - Bill of Rights Day
  • January 6 - Sam Rayburn Day
  • January 19 - Martin Luther Kings birthday
  • February - Black History Month
  • February 19 - State of Texas Anniversary Remembrance Day
  • March - Womens History Month and Texas History Month
  • March 2 - Texas Independence Day
  • May - Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
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