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Mrs. Reynolds’ 8th Grade ScienceSyllabus 2013-2014  

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Course Overview

Welcome to 8th grade science. I am so excited to have the privilege to teach you this year.  We will be covering a wide range of curriculum this year, plus be tested in April for the 8th grade Science STAAR test.  In chemistry, students understand how the periodic table is vital to understanding that matter is all around us. They learn about concepts such as protons, neutrons, electrons, atomic number, and atomic weight. Students create chemical reactions and balance chemical equations. Students measure and calculate work, speed, force, and acceleration, and also learn how light moves through matter.  The space unit investigates stars and galaxies and how scientists study our universe.  In earth science, students forecast weather, determine land features based on Earth’s movements, and determine man’s effect on land, water and air.  Life science includes how human events can affect subsequent populations of species and how species are interdependent on each other. 


The goal in Pre-AP 8th grade is to prepare students for the rigor ofhigh school Pre-AP and Advanced Placement science courses.  Middle school Pre-AP science classes go beyond the basic requirements and accomplish this goal by exposing students to hands-on inquiry experiences that encourages higher level thinking. This course integrates science reading, writing and math, introduces complex problem solving, and teaches with an open-ended approach, much like real world science.  Students will be completing grade appropriate free response questions just like in high school AP science courses.  There will be high expectations for quality and timely work, classroom behavior and punctuality. At least 2 major projects will be assigned per semester that counts as a major summative grade. 


Grading Policy
Formative assessments                                                                                     40%    

(quizzes,class/home work, labs, warm-ups, quizzes)                

Summative Assessments                                                                                   60%

               (Examsand/or major projects; minimum of 3 per six weeks)                            
 Mandatory tutorials are required for students who do not pass a summative assessment- retests will not be given unless tutorials are attended. 


The science textbooks are not utilized often in 8th grade science.  Students will NOT be issued a book, unless requested by parents.  I have a class set that individuals may check out.  Glencoe offers an internet textbook for free!  Check my website for onlinetextbook information.       User Name: TXG08         Password: cR8Buh5swA


Stemscopes is an onlineinteractive textbook for Science. The information is below:        User Name: reynolds8        Password: science8


Homework/Late Work/Absences

Homework is an important part of the learning process that extends, enriches and/or reinforces academic concepts and skills to enhance achievement. It is expected to be turned in at the beginning of class on the due date.  Points will be deducted for late work.  More about the district’s homework policy can be found at



            I follow district rules for absences. If the student is absent, refer to any of the following for missing assignments: the assignments on my Netschool page, Classnotes, lab investigations and handouts are available in classroom.  It is your responsibility to pickup work!  All labs must be made up before or after school within 2 days of the absence.

Major Projects and Tests
Major project due dates and test dates prior to absences will remain the same for absent students unless there are excessive absences. Example, if you miss school the day before a test, you still take it the day of the test. If you miss a quiz or test, you will take the test or quiz the day you return.  You are responsible for contacting the teacher after class to receive notes/assignments and to make upquizzes/tests.  Check NetSchool for work missed and test reviews. 

Lab Safety

            Once students read the safety contract and pass the Safety Test, they will be able to participate in labs. The safety Contract is available in NetSchool.  Violation of Lab Safety Rules (that puts the student or others at risk) results inimmediate removal from that lab. Several violations result in office referral.  


1.         Come to class prepared. Bring pencil, composition book, and charged netbook.  Sharpen your pencil before or after class.

2.        Once you enter the room, you are to begin warm-up/bell ringers.

3.        Be in your seat and QUIET when the bell rings.

4.        Raise your hand when you need to speak. 

5.        Practice behaviors that are courteous, supportive,  and respectful. Respect your teacher andyour classmates.

6.        Perform at your maximum level.

7.        Be persistent in following all school andclassroom/laboratory rules.      


1.      Warning the first time (not a new warning every day), then sign discipline book.

2.      Three warning is a major. Two majors is an office referral.

3.      Office Referral to assistant principal for multiple offenses (2 majors or more)

**Severe offenses will be referred to the assistant principal immediately!!
**Violation of Lab Safety Rules results in immediate removal from lab **

By submitting this contract on Netschool, I agree to the Rules and Regulations of Mrs. Reynolds’ science class.  I have read and understood all of the information in this syllabus. I understand that I must follow all lab/safety rules to be allowed to participate in the lab activities.


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