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Welcome to Netbook Tips


Having and using netbooks for school is fun and exciting. But there are
a few tips you will need to know before diving into the new world of using

Please read through the following tips carefully.

  • Remember it is your netbook.You should be the only one using it.
  • Keep your password to yourself. Share it with no one.
  • Invest in a good netbook case or laptop bag.
  • Keep food and drinks at a safe distance.
  • Don't use any chemicals to clean the screen. Use a static free cloth.
  • Charge your battery nightly.
  • Do not leave the netbook lying on the floor.
  • Take care of your AC adapter. AC Adapters are the number one replacement component of the notebook.
  • Always ask for help if you have questions about your netbook.

General Netbook Rules

Inappropriate Content

      Inappropriate content will not be allowed on netbooks. (See Student Guidelines for Acceptable Use of Technology Resources)

·       Presence of weapons, pornographic materials, inappropriate language, alcohol, drug,and/or gang related symbols or pictures will result in disciplinary actions.

A$15 re-imaging charge to remove the above items from a Northwest
netbook may apply.


·     Sound will be muted at all times unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional purposes.

Deleting Files

·    Students should not delete any folders or files that they did not create or that they do not recognize. Deletion of certain files will result in a computer failure and will interfere with the students ability to complete class work.

·       A$15 re-imaging charge to correct system files may apply.

Music,Games, or Programs

Northwest ISD Parent-Student Netbook Guidelines

·       Music and games may not be downloaded or streamed over the Internet. This may be a violation of copyright laws.

·       All software loaded on the system must be district approved.

·       A$15 re-imaging charge to remove any unapproved software or files may apply.

Netbooks are required each day in class

·       Students are required to bring fully charged netbooks to class.

·       Students may swap out a battery at the technology office if it does not hold a charge.

Unauthorized Access

[Board Policy CQ (LOCAL)]

Access to another persons account or computer without consent or knowledge is considered hacking and is unacceptable. This is subject to discipline in accordance with the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct.

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Remember: YOU are the only one responsible for the care and use of your netbook.