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AFLAC policies pay cash benefits directly to you, unless you choose otherwise, and can be used to defray the costs associated with treating accidents and illness; costs like out-of-network charges, co-payments, annual deductibles, transportation, lodging and meal expenses, lost wages and more.
Many of the plans feature wellness benefits for annual physicals, screenings, exams, etc.  If you have a plan containing this benefit, be certain that you are taking full advantage of it.  We want you to use these benefits each and every year. 
Please see the information below regarding the AFLAC Products offered by the District.  If you have any questions regarding AFLAC Insurance please contact Greg Jones at 214-695-8386.or e-mail gjones2324@verizon.net
Aflac Accident Indemnity Advantage Plan
 Aflac Personal Hospital Protection Plan-****SUBJECT TO AFLAC HQ APPROVAL***
AFLAC Critical Care & Recovery Plan
AFLAC Personal I.C.U, Protector Plan
Wellness Claim Forms