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TRS is pleased to announce an important benefit, Group Long Term Care Insurance,  Genworth Life Insurance Company as the insurer for the benefit based on its history of leadership and experience in the long care insurance industry.


Why long term insurance?

Long term care insurance is an essential part of any sound financial plan.  It covers expenses for long term care whether received at home, in the community or a in a nursing facility.  It can help you:

  • Protect the savings youve worked hard to accumulate as past of your retirement plan.
  • Protect you and your family from the cost and burden of providing care
  • Control how and where you receive care even allowing you to stay in your own home if your situation allows.

Long term care insurance complements your other benefit offerings by meeting a need many of us may have someday.  Seven in ten of us may need long term care services after we reach age 65 and neither health nor disability insurance are designed to cover these expenses.  Relying on government programs may not be a viable solution either.


Is it right for you?

Building a sound financial plan for your future is likely a top priority; but have you considered how important a role long term care insurance can play?  Take this opportunity to learn what it can do for you.  As a TRS active participating member, you can apply for this coverage at competitive group rates.  With this Program, the coverage is portable, so it can move with you if you leave the group.


Who is eligible for this plan?


  • Employees
  • Employees Spouse under age 80
  • Parents and Parent In-Laws under age 80
  • Employees Grandparents under age 80


To be eligible, the person must maintain a permanent US residence, and have a valid Social Security Number or Tax Identification number from the U.S. government.


When can I enroll?


Employees are eligible guaranteed coverage or streamlined underwriting ONLY during their initial enrollment period.


Spouses have streamlined underwriting ONLY during their initial enrollment period.


If you postpone the decision to buy, you may not qualify due to future health issues.


Premiums increase with age so the longer you wait to buy, the higher your premiums will be.

                                                                                                     $113.25                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              $113.25





Premium       $26.93

Age          45                   50                    55                    60              65            


How are premiums paid?


Employee and Spouse premiums can be deducted via payroll deductions.  For District couples you can not elect which employee you would like to have premiums deducted from.


All other parent members will make payments directly to Genworth either quarterly or annually.  You may also sign up for a draft from your checking account.


Next steps:

  • Watch your mail for personalized premium quote/additional information
  • Go to www.genworth.com/trsactivememberto learn more about this program or to enroll online, or
  • Call 866-659-1970 to request a free information kit or have an expert on the TRS program answer your questions.


If you have any additional questions, please contact the Benefits Department at 817-215-0096 or ckacvinsky@nisdtx.orgor kpoehler@nisdtx.org