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Basic Life Insurance
All full time employees, unless covered by the indemnity (or alternate) plan, are eligible for $15,000 term life insurance from MetLife. as a District benefit, with an election for voluntary and dependent coverage. Indemnity plan (Alternate Plan) enrollees are eligible for $50,000. Employees must enroll in the in the Plan and name a beneficiary in order to receive the benefit.
Voluntary Life Insurance
Employees may purchase additional life insurance for themselves, spouse and children at open enrollment each year.  Requests for coverage at open enrollment will be subject to evidence of insurability except for dependant children coverage. In order to obtain coverage for the spouse and children, the employee must enroll for coverage for themselves.
All new hires who elect coverage during the initial enrollment period may elect up to $100,000 for the employee, up to $20,000 for spouse and up to $10,000 for each dependant child without any of evidence of insurability.  All additional coverage is subject to insurance review.
If you have any questions, regarding MetLife Basic and Voluntary Life contact the Benefits and Risk Management Department at 817-215-0096.