Our Schools:
Classroom Policies and Procedures
Welcome!  I am excited to have each and every one of you in my class.  We are going to have a wonderful year!  To maximize learning at the highest level procedures need to followed and expectations met. 
All students are expected to:
  1. Be in your seat when the bell rings.
  2. Have your materials ready.  Pencils are recommended and  should besharpened before class begins.
  3. Do not interrupt the learning process for yourself and others.
  4. Bring netbooks charged to school everyday.  You can also bring your charger to school, but please label it with your name.
Use good manners!
Make-up Work:
When  you are absent from school, it is your responsibility to get any assignments that you missed.  You have the number of days that  you're absent, plus one day to make up the work.  Homework is listed on a calendar in the classroom and is listed in netSchool.
You will need to schedule  tests or quizzes that are given when you are absent.
  1. Classwork and homework should be completed in pencil.
  2. Homework is due at the beginning of the class period.
  3. Corrections can be done when a failing grade has been earned on a summative assignment.  You will need to do corrections on the specific corrections form and staple with your original assignment.
  4. Incomplete homework/classwork will not be permitted.  If the assignment is turned in one day late, 15 points will be deducted.  Two days late on an assignment will result in 30 points being deducted.   
  5. The school wide zero policy will apply.                                                                                                         
  6.  Tutorials:
I will be available before school on Thursday 8:30 a.m. for additional assistance and Mrs. Foley is available on Tuesday mornings at 8:30.  Either one of us are available to help with questions. 
The Gene Pike Middle School Grading and Classroom Management policies will apply.  Please refer to the student handbook for this information.
Three week progress reports will be e-mailed home.  If the grade is a 75 or below, please sign and return the progress report the following school day.  If the average continues to be 75 or below, additional progress reports will be sent home on the 4th and 5th weeks.  E-mails or phone calls may also be used to keep parents informed.  Remember that consistently checking your child's grades on-line with keep you informed.  It is also a great idea for your child to know how to check their own grades, as well.
Computation tests will be given each week, not necessarily on Friday.  These skills will be used throughout the year through contextual problem situations and having efficient methods to solve these problems will increase their success in math.  This grade will count as one summative grade (60%) of the student's grade for each six weeks.  The highest grade on a computation test during a particular six weeks is the grade that will affect the report card average.  Within a six weeks, the concepts on the computation will stay the same.  Students should seek help at home or be at school for tutorials, if necessary.