Registration is now open for a limited number of out of district attendees.  Please click HERE for more information.

Northwest ISD staff registration for ENGAGE is easy! You will register for ENGAGE once you are in the sessions of your choice. All sessions are listed in our Conference App. You will not register in Eduphoria until the day of the event.

ALL SESSIONS ARE 1ST COME 1ST SERVE. If a session is full then try another session. There are a lot to choose from.

How to Use the SCHED App

1. Click on the sched app Sched

2. Either Login or create a Login for Sched using your NISD email address. You may want to add your picture!

3. Review the sessions by day or click the content category color to narrow your choices

4. Click on the session you are interested in to read more about the session 

5. Once you decide on the session/s you want to attend, click in the white circle. Once the circle is black it will add it to your schedule.

6. If you click on your picture (or the place for a picture) you can see the schedule you have created for yourself for the conference.


How to Get Credit for Attending a Session

1. Once you are in a session, you will use the Sched App to click on your session.

2. In the body of your session, you will see a link to Eduphoria. That link will take you directly to the session (course) you are in.

3. Click the green register button

4. You must also sign the sign-in sheet that will be in every session


For Keynote sessions, you will not need to register, but you will scan your badge to receive credit.  

Credit will not be given for sessions without both registering in Eduphoria as well as signing the sign-in sheet.