Board Notes

Aug. 14 Board Notes

The Northwest Independent School District Board of Trustees met Monday, Aug. 14, during a regularly scheduled meeting. This is a recap of the major actions and reports from the meeting. To see every item that was discussed or voted on, click here.

Anticipated bond progress schedule presented
District staff presented trustees with the anticipated timeline of Northwest ISD’s newest bond package, approved by voters this year.

In terms of new facilities, the first projects in progress will include Elementary No. 19 and the design of a district natatorium. Construction of Elementary No. 19 is anticipated to complete in 2019, while construction of the natatorium is anticipated to complete in 2020. Additionally, the next two elementary schools – Nos. 20 and a replacement for Haslet Elementary School – are anticipated by 2020. The final new facility as part of the bond package, Elementary No. 21, is anticipated for completion by 2021.

The first addition or renovation included in the bond package is the addition to Beck Elementary School. This addition is scheduled for completion in early 2018. Hughes Elementary School is scheduled for a renovation expected for completion in mid-2018, while the Kelly W. Box Agriculture Center is scheduled to receive renovations by mid-2018 as well. Byron Nelson High School’s expansion is anticipated for completion by mid-2019.

2017 Bond Package Anticipated Timeline
New Facilities and Expansions/Additions Only
 Project  Estimated Finish
Beck Elementary Addition Jan. 1, 2018
Elementary School No. 19 July 1, 2019
Hughes Elementary Addition Aug. 1, 2018
District Agriculture Barn Addition Sept. 1, 2018
TBD Elementary Expansion July 1, 2019
Medlin Middle School Expansion Aug. 1, 2019
Chisholm Trail Middle School Addition Aug. 1, 2019
Pike Middle School Addition Aug. 1, 2019
District Natatorium May 1, 2020
Elementary School No. 20 July 1, 2020
Haslet Elementary School Replacement July 1, 2020
Northwest High School Addition July 1, 2020
Eaton High School Expansion July 1, 2020
TBD Elementary Expansion July 1, 2020
Wilson Middle School Addition Aug. 1, 2020
Tidwell Middle School Expansion Aug. 1, 2020
Elementary School No. 21 July 2, 2021

Other renovations will be worked on throughout the bond package. The renovation of the existing Haslet Elementary School into a district administration annex is anticipated for completion in 2021, as student facilities are prioritized for bond construction.

Every completion date is anticipated for the beginning of the indicated school year, with the exception of Beck’s addition and the district agriculture barn. Beck’s addition is anticipated for completion in January 2018 as the school is already over capacity. The barn will be finished around the start of school on Sept. 1, 2018.

The anticipated schedule is subject to change depending on growth patterns. For more information on projects included in the bond package, visit

Annual District Improvement Plan adopted
Trustees adopted Northwest ISD’s District Improvement Plan, which was created following an end-of-the-year planning and goal-setting session. As part of the Texas Education Code, school districts across the state are required annually to adopt a District Improvement Plan.

Northwest ISD’s improvement plan relates to its five district goals:

  1. To design dynamic learning experiences to ensure that all students are future-ready learners.
  2. To recruit, develop, retain and recognize an exceptional, highly motivated staff to optimize student engagement and learning.
  3. To communicate in a timely, open manner and engage parents and community members in positive partnerships in our schools.
  4. To provide premier facilities and support systems that enhance a positive learning environment and foster community pride.
  5. To invest resources to ensure that students, parents and the community receive optimal education service.

In relation to these goals, the district has formulated 20 performance objectives to ensure it continues toward overall growth. One of the performance objectives for the first goal, for instance, is to increase the number of students identified as reading at or above grade level during primary years – from kindergarten to the end of second grade. Northwest ISD views childhood literacy as an important aspect for all students.

Following the board meeting’s adoption, the district’s executive cabinet will conduct reviews of progress for the plan four times throughout the year. A report on the plan’s results will be made to the board next June.

Construction delivery method for Elementary School No. 19 reviewed
Trustees heard from the district’s facilities personnel regarding the selection process of a construction company for Elementary School No. 19.

The district uses a competitive sealed proposal to score bids based on the overall quality of their submissions. This process grades a contractor’s bid in terms of cost, construction timeline and other areas.  

Additionally, Northwest ISD uses a construction management at risk process, with the general contractor assuming the risk for construction at a guaranteed maximum price. This means the contractor is responsible for the project not exceeding cost and arriving on schedule, insulating the district from risk. The district also uses a job order contracting process, which means contracting can be used for minor construction during a project.

With the construction selection process reviewed, the district will soon accept bids for Elementary School No. 19 leading up to the school being built.

In other action, the board

  • Updated board policies to keep pace with state requirements and laws and provide better clarification in some areas.
  • Awarded the contract to expand Beck Elementary School to Pogue Construction following a competitive sealed proposals process. Six vendors responded to the bid system, with Pogue’s bid being selected from the blind process.
  • Renewed contracts as scheduled with Trophy Club and Wise County for school resource officers.
  • Recognized Destination Imagination Global Finalists students from Chisholm Trail and Medlin middle schools as well as Thompson Elementary School.
  • Recognized Marcie Conrad for receiving the VFW Smart/Maher National Citizenship Education Teacher Program winning entry for the Department of Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars.
  • Recognized Todd Rogers for receiving the Texas PTA’s Secondary Principal of the Year award.
  • Recognized the district’s communications staff for receiving awards from the National School Public Relations Association.
  • Recognized Prairie View and Roanoke elementary schools for being named Schools Transforming Learning.
To view photos of Northwest ISD's board meetings and other district and school events, visit the district Flickr account.