New-to-District Enrollment
Online Registration and Enrollment
A student is classified as a New-to-District student if the student was not enrolled in a Northwest ISD school on the last day of the prior school year. There are three major parts to new student enrollment.
  • Complete the New to District Online Enrollment section and digitally submit the information. The Online Enrollment Registration process is available in both English and Spanish.
  • Attend Campus Document Review to verify your proof of residence and provide additional paperwork.
  • Make sure the new student is in attendance on the first day of school (this applies to the start of school).

1: Completing New-to-District Online Enrollment
Getting enrollment started with Northwest ISD is easy. The first thing a parent with a new student needs to do is complete the New to District Online Enrollment section to start the registration process. Click here, to launch the enrollment module.

You will be directed to the Northwest ISD Online Enrollment Login screen. Here you will Register a New Account that will allow you to access the Enrollment Online form for your child. Your account allows you to save your information without submitting it; if you need to log out of the enrollment module before you are finished answering all of the information, you can save the information you’ve already entered and complete the module at a later time. Be sure to click the “I Agree” button and the Submit option once you are completely finished. The information will not be sent to the school until you choose the Submit option at the bottom of the online form.

"New to District Enrollment Online Instruction Guide" for detailed step by step instructions.
"How to Enroll" Quick Step Guide for short step by step instructions in English. 
2: Attend Campus Document Review
All new-to-district students and their parent/guardian must also visit in person the school that the student will be attending to complete the final registration steps. This step is called the Campus Document Review. At the start of school it is held the first two weeks in August. Parents should consult the Campus Document Review Calendar for the 2016-17 school year Document Review dates to determine when to go to each school to complete this step.

The Campus Document Review is a meeting held between the parent of the new student and the campus staff, to verify student residency and finalize registration. For enrollment during the school year, the Campus Document Review must still be completed onsite at the student’s assigned campus and can be arranged by calling the school to make an appointment or visiting the school’s front office.

The following records and documents must be provided during Campus Document Review:
  • Current original utility bill (not a telephone bill);
  • The parent/guardian’s acceptable photo ID* that matches the address listed on the utility bill;
  • A copy of the student’s Social Security card;
  • The student’s original birth certificate, valid passport with visa, or other legal document that establishes identity;
  • Student’s current immunization records; and
  • A withdrawal form, transcript, or final report card from the last school the student attended. 
Acceptable photo ID must be current and valid, and may include any of the following:
  • State issued driver’s license
  • Texas ID
  • Passport with current address
  • Military or government-issued ID
  • Consular card
Non-Acceptable Photo ID includes but may not be limited to the following:
  • A membership card such as Sam’s Club or other similar cards
  • A debit/credit card with a photo, etc.

3: Attend school the first day on August 22, 2016