Latino Family Literacy Project

(Hosted at Prairie View and Roanoke Elementary)

LFLP LFLP is a family reading program for the entire family. It uses books that are appropriate for reading levels grades 1-4 – depending on the literacy levels of the student. It teaches parents the importance of establishing a family reading routine with their children, how to share the book and it helps both parents and school age children learn English vocabulary, verbs, grammar, and conversation. It teaches parents the skills they need to share literature and to be involved in the school-going process with their children.

If you attend the Dual Language program currently and are a native Spanish speaking family, please contact Prairie View or Roanoke Elementary for more information.

Video Links 
LFLP Slideshow - Cohort #2 - Semester 2 (Fall 2015) 
LFLP Slideshow - Cohort #1 - Semester 1 (Spring 2015)
Latino Highlights