2017 Food Show, April 11th
Must RSVP to attend the event.  Please click here to submit a RSVP.

NISD Food Show

NISD parents, students and staff members are invited to attend the NISD Food Show on April 11th at Northwest High School Cafeteria from 4:30 - 6:30 PM.  Attendees will have the opportunity to sample current and potential menu items.  After tasting all samples, we encourage all participants to complete an online survey at the event.  Please plan on bringing your smartphone, tablet or laptop to complete the survey.  Feedback from the event helps us with planning next year’s program.

We are offering new rewards this year! 

Student Reward:  If your parent attends the Food Show & completes a survey, you will get a free treat on Thursday, April 13th.  Students can choose from a S'Mores Bar, Frozen Fruit Bar or a Bag of Chips.  

food show prize

PTA Reward: The school who has the most attendees will win a $300 catering gift card for the school’s PTA.  Please see rules & regulations for more details.

Must RSVP to attend event.

School Totals
* Updated 3/22/17 at 1:17 PM

63 people have made reservations for the event.

School  # of RSVPS
Byron Nelson HS  
Eaton HS  
Northwest HS  3
Steele HS  
Chisholm Trail MS  4
Medlin MS  2
Pike MS  
Tidwell MS  
Wilson MS  2
Beck ES  2 
Cox ES  
Granger ES  2
Haslet ES  
Hatfield ES  
Hughes ES  
Justin ES  
Lakeview ES  
Love ES  
Nance ES  48
Peterson ES  
Prairie View ES  
Roanoke ES  
Schluter ES  
Sendera Ranch ES  
Seven Hills ES  
Thompson ES  

Rules & Regulation
  • A total of 400 attendees will be able to attend the Food Show.  This helps us and our vendors ensure we have enough products for all attendees.
  •  To attend the event, you must RSVP and receive a confirmation e-mail.  If the maximum number of attendees has been met, you will be put on a waiting list.
  • Since the event has a maximum number of attendees, schools will be penalized for attendees who RSVP’d and didn’t attend the event.  At the end of the Food Show, we will calculate the total number of attendees from each school to determine a winner.  For every “no show,” we will deduct 2 attendees from the school’s total.
  • The school with the greatest number of attendees after “no shows” have been deducted will win a $300 Classic Fare Catering Gift Card for that school’s PTA.
  • To count towards your school’s attendance, you must complete the online survey at the event.  Please plan on bringing a smartphone, tablet or laptop to the event.
  • All parents who attended the event, their child(ren) will win a special treat at lunch on Friday, April 14th. Parent must attend the event and complete the online survey at the event for their child to win the treat.  On Friday, April 14th, children must go through the lunch line to claim special treat.  The special treat is a reward and children don’t need to purchase anything to get the free treat.  High school students will need to visit the Home Zone line to pick up their treat.  More details on the treat coming soon.
If you have any questions, please e-mail Emily Hamil at ehamil@nisdtx.org.