Hot Spots

Hot Spots

We are excited to offer sessions from many of our district and campus leaders that showcase things that are happening at the campus and district level.
cm mb Monday Morning Mindset Meeting
Beck Elementary
Christe Montgomery, Intervention Specialist & Maggie Walsh, Classroom Teacher

Description: Learning is all about mindset, so why not set aside 10 minutes on Monday morning to prepare your students for the learning that will take place throughout the week. We value teaching growth mindset and learning qualities so that students can have the foundational skills to become lifelong learners and understand how to react to challenges they may face. We want our students to feel comfortable taking risks and learn how to be problem solvers as they engage in productive struggle. We also want students to take ownership of their learning and set goals, so that they drive their experience at school and teachers can facilitate the learning. In this session, you will hear about how growth mindset and learner qualities were implemented on our camps through 10 minute weekly lessons that were made available to teachers through Google Classroom.
 yw Digital Collaboration of Dat Systems
Prairie View Elementary
Yolanda Wallace, Principal

Description: In a typical learning environment, data systems are disconnected. This session will offer insight and plans to allow Special Education, General Education, and other campus leaders to input and monitor dat collection all in one place. Real time collaboration via Google Sheets leads to student achievement over time and moves a system from compliance to collective accountability.

Destination Imagination for Your Classroom
Seven Hills Elementary
Nicole Wallis, Gates Teacher & Audra Rowell, Coordinator of Advanced Academics

Description:  Have you heard about DI, but aren't quite sure what it's all about or how it can benefit your classroom? Come experience some of the strategies and discover resources that will promote critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication in real-world scenarios.

 ms Creating Your Webpage
Northwest ISD Administration
Melissa Shawn, District Webmaster

Description:  Communicating with students and parents is an important part of a student's success. Your website is a great way to let parents and students know what is happening in your classroom. Come learn from the expert on how to create a fabulous webpage.
Journalive and Thrive
Eaton High School
Mona Woolley, Classroom Teacher & Jordan Tate, District Instructional Coach

Description:  Journalive:[jərnl- liv]; [jərnl-līv] verb, adj. 1. pertaining to, tending to journal

The journalive lesson provides a chance for personalization, reflection, creativity, differentiation, collaboration, and fun. Every moment is a journalive moment. Journalive your life like you do your classroom. As I journalive and breathe, I become someone else with every word, someone more myself. Come see us. We will journalive your mind!

Tracking Student Growth
Hughes Elementary
Jessica McDonald, Principal, Trudi Davis, Assistant Principal, & Becca Hill, Counselor

Description:   Learn about a structure to track student progress for student subgroups consistently throughout the school year. You will learn about visual tracking methods for RtI, how to utilize the ELP descriptors to track ELL progress, and how to utilize Google Sheets to track 100% of the students on your elementary campus.
 fv Anchor Charts, Rubrics, and Proficiency Scales for the World Language Classroom
World Languages
Fabiola Valdez

Description: "Make excellent use of your time and learn with us in a “make and take” workshop where you will walk out with ready-made PreAP instructional resources to use in your WL classroom day one!

Formative > Summative
Byron Nelson High School

Sarah Menn, Campus ELA/SS Coach & Diane Caldwell, Campus Math Coach

Description: An important part of success on summative assessments is using backward design to intentionally scaffold strong formative assessments. The intentional design of formatives that allow opportunities for students to stretch their understanding, take risks in their learning, receive immediate and constructive feedback is essential to that success. This session will explore the benefits and rewards to both the student and the teacher that come from powerful formative assessments.