27 Opportunities
27 Opportunities

Career & Technical Education's 27 Opportunities include 8 Academies and 19 Pathways.

The ideal student for Academies has a strong interest and willingness to commit themselves to being immersed into four years of intense learning experiences, within unique industry standard facilities. Pathways and Academies allow experiences to occur for the RIGHT student, for the RIGHT reason, in the RIGHT program.

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Agricultural Design and Fabrication

Education and Coaching

Agricultural Sciences

Emergency Medical Technician

Architectural Design 

Engineering Dynamics

Aviation and Aeronautics Academy 
Eaton High School

Floral Design

Biomedical Sciences Academy     
Byron Nelson High School

Health Sciences

Business Administration

Information Technology

Business Management and Entrepreneurship Academy     
Eaton High School

Interior Design

Collegiate Academy 
Steele Accelerated High School

Investment Banking and Finance

Cosmetology Academy     
Steele Accelerated High School

Marketing Dynamics

Counseling and Mental Health 

Microsoft Master

Creative Media Production Academy     
Northwest High School

Software Design and Development

Culinary Arts and Hospitality Academy
Byron Nelson High School

STEM Academy     
Northwest High School

Digital Media

Veterinary Medicine

Early Childhood Development