AP Credit Policy Search
  • AP Credit Policy Search

    As you successfully complete AP Courses and score a 3 or higher on the corresponding AP Exam, the best next step is to verify the college credit that you will receive based on your performance.   Some colleges and universities offer more than one course credit for exceptional performance (for example, receiving a 5 on the AP Spanish Language exam could help you net between 6 and 12 hours of Spanish college credit) while other colleges and universities may only accept a 5.  
    Use the link below to check the AP Credit Policy for your prospective college or university by searching for it by name.  Although this link is to the AP College Board Credit Policy site, in some cases to be sure that you are receiving the updated information, it may be beneficial to go directly to the college or university website and find their respective AP Credit Policy. 

    To aid your search, we have provided links below to the AP Credit Policy site for local colleges and universities as well as some of the larger university systems in the state of Texas.
Click on the University icon below to be redirected to that school's AP Policy to see which credits your AP Score will give you on your college transcript!

Texas Christian University

University of North Texas

Texas A&M

University of Texas at Arlington

Texas Tech University



University of Texas at Austin

Tarrant County College

North Central Texas College