Career Readiness


First Steps to Career Readiness 
Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Information  
College Board’s College & Career Planning Site
ACT Career Planning Tips
Texas Career Clusters
Texas CARES Career Clusters
Career Choices

Career Interest Survey
Short online surveys designed to match student interests, talents, and skills with career options.
Arizona State Virtual Counseling Center
Career Selection and Planning Guide
Occupation Interest Survey
College Board Career Study
Career Interest Survey

State-legislated program designed to improve student success in college.

Vocational Counseling
Information for assisting students in choosing suitable occupations.
Career and Technical Education Web Resources
U.S. Government Job Opportunities

Community College
Community College: FAQs

Earning Potential
Learn how higher education impacts future earning power.
Top Jobs for the Future
Forbes: 15 Most Valuable College Majors
Advice from ACT
U.S. Census Earning Potential Data
Learn More, Earn More

Opportunities for students to apply classroom knowledge in a supervised work setting, often for pay.
College Board: How to Find an Internship
ACT Summer Internship Program

Choosing a Major
Facts About Choosing a Major 
Princeton Review: Learning About College Majors 

State education initiative designed to help students and their parents make informed education choices.

On-the-job opportunities for learning skills related to classroom experiences.
Apprenticeships (ACT)

Career-degree connections
Texas Labor Market Occupation Explorer
Hot Jobs in Texas
10 Industries with the Fastest Employment Growth
Hot Jobs for the Future