College Readiness - Financing College


While considering College options, be sure to look at some possible financing options for your college venture.  There are many ways that you can finance college, and this page is a resource to help your answer your questions about making college affordable for your and your family.

Parent Information
Financial advice from National Association for College Admission Counseling


Education Savings Plans
These are an designed as an effort to pre-pay anticipated college expenses and opportunities.  These investments also have the opportunity to receive tax benefits if basic plan requirements are met.
Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan
Texas College Savings Plan (529 Investments)
529 College Savings Plans
LoneStar 529


Student Loans

Low interest loans offered by the federal government.
College Board Student Loan Calculator

Comparing Financial Aid Awards

College Loans: Your Strategy 


Work-Study Programs
Jobs (on or off campus) provided by the federal government for eligible college students with financial need.
Federal Work-Study Program